Youth Leadership Opportunities

CIEA’s Native Youth Environmental Leadership Program (NYELP) provides students and community members with valuable experience to address environmental toxins affecting Native communities and pathways to academic success. Through the program, we encourage participants to explore careers in the environmental sciences, health sciences, public policy and environmental law fields.


Each semester, CIEA partners with local colleges to offer students course credit for the completion of  internships. Students gain skills in the following areas depending on individual interest and organizational need:

California Indian Fellowship Project

Our Fellowship Project prepares California Tribal members who are college students to return home over the summer for a paid internship with their Tribe or community.

To be eligible, Fellows take part in CIEA’s internship program for one semester prior to acceptance into the Fellowship Project.  For one semester as a fellow we assist the student in finding summer employment with their Tribe back home. Placements depend on the employment needs and availability identified by the Tribe in relation to the students’ area of study. Our goal is that fellows receive training and arrive prepared to provide a set of useful skills to be of service as a summer employee of their own Tribe.

CIEA provides training to Fellows, so they arrive prepared to be of service as a summer employee of their own Tribe in the following departments:

Tribal government and administrative offices

Environmental offices

Water Quality and Tribal Fisheries

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