Sherri Norris (Osage Nation), CIEA Executive Director, Acting Executive and Board Treasurer, Finance and Fundraising Committees

Sherri is the Executive Director of the California Indian Environmental Alliance. She grew up in West Sonoma County and now lives in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area. She has eleven years of experience working as a Tribal health and environmental advocate at the local level and at international fora and has given hundreds of presentations and training on the cycle and health effects of mercury on environmental health, exposure-reduction strategies, solution development and opportunities for advocacy related to mining issues in California. She coordinates CIEA’s Tribal Self-Advocacy Program and is the primary contact for CIEA’s Tribal Engagement responsibility under the North Coast Resource Partnership. Sherri is a graduate of the Hopa Mountain Foundation, a Rockridge Graduate and a member of the Sierra Fund’s Blue-Ribbon Panel of mercury experts. She is additionally a recipient of the Mills College Brave-Hearted Women Award, Sierra-Funds’ Sierra Crest Award and the Davis-Putter Scholarship Award for Young Activists.

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